ENJOY – thoughts on Chapter 2


I shared some thoughts on Chapter 1 from Trillia Newbell ‘s book ENJOY, the other day. Today, I’m going to dive into some thoughts from Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 talks about relationships. Want to know how to be a good Christian? A good person? A good spouse? A good leader?

We can grab our Bibles and go right into the heart of the Scriptures.

But what about being a good friend? A godly friend? That takes a bit more searching. The accompany picture is of my notes.

I have to say that this is an area that I can fail in miserably. It’s not that I don’t desire to be a good friend. I do. But, sometimes my execution is off. I can get wrapped up in my own head and life and forget to reach out to people. (That’s the introvert in me.)

A few years ago, a friend called me to the carpet on that one. It stung to hear the truth, but I was glad she told me how she felt. We were able to come to an better understanding of each other, and I hope I am doing a better job.

Sometimes, I think that people know me really well and I can talk a little too frankly with them. I assume that since they know I love them, and my personality quirks, that they know I am just blunt in the way I talk. I assume they won’t be offended. There have been times where I have not been careful with my friends who are more sensitive or tender hearted.

As I was reading through this chapter on relationships… well, lets just say some of it stung a little bit.

This jumped out at me:

“As we look at the many divisions and wars between peoples and nations, we see that clearly something has gone awry in the way we relate to and view one another.”

and Trillia continues further into the paragraph with this stinger:

“But, we don’t really need to look to the wars outside. One glimpse into our heart toward others … and we know that something has gone wrong within ourselves as well.”

I love how she talks about our “passions” (which can be our fleshy desires) waging war inside of us and how that will pour out onto our neighbors. Isn’t that what happens when I am frustrated about a situation with someone else but snap at my husband. My wars are pouring out onto others. Or, when I allow my past hurts to project onto my new friendships. My wars are pouring out onto others.

And, while I may always be waging war against sin… I still have a choice. I don’t have to give in.

I was sitting in the car today, waiting on one of my kids… thumbing through facebook. I wish I would have saved it, but someone had written something to the effect of:

— If we have a limitless capacity for offense, how can we expect revival today if we are holding onto yesterday?

Which led me to think about that in the context of reading Ch2 of the book Enjoy.

If we have limitless capacity for offense, how can we expect RECONCILIATION today if we are still unforgiving of yesterday?

If we have limitless capacity for offense, how can we expect to ENJOY today, if we are still commiserating in yesterday?

Lord knows I could do a better job at forgiving 70 x 7!

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