Election Day…


Today I woke up, took the kids to school and then joined my husband to vote.

I vote because I care about this country.

I vote because women fought for my right to do so.

I vote because I want my voice heard, even if it among the masses.

I will not vote for someone just because it is another woman.

I will not vote for someone just because of who he isn’t.

I wanted to walk away from this election with a clear heart, knowing that I made the best choice possible.  The best choice for today, and the best choice for many years down the road.

I recognize that my candidates chances of winning are slim to none, but I also recognized that this election for me was about much more than that.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to celebrating the fact that a percentage of Americans said enough is enough.  I’m looking forward to seeing what percentage that is and what that will mean for 2020 and beyond.

For those who are celebrating tomorrow, congratulations.  For those who are not, I’m sorry you were let down.  But let’s remember… we were friends and family long before this election year put us at odds.

I, for one, will not allow a scantron bubble to separate myself from those I love.

Happy Election Day!

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