I am a Giver – #Write31Days


Several years ago, I attended a conference where I was invited to participate in a special workshop on writing.  When we arrived to our meeting room, there was a huge paper shopping bag… full of books.  So many books.  All the books.  As a lover of books, I was in my moment…. angels were singing, cherubim fluttered about me, and I was elated.

I remember my joy in receiving those magnificent books.  The only thing they asked of us in return was to to thank the various publishers that gifted them to us.  Gifted.  To us.  To me.  All of these beautiful paper pages, filled with theology… apologetic… devotions on our identity in Christ… living out ministry.  Praise God.

Three years ago, my friend Laura and I embarked on a new mission.  The Lord had placed a ministry on our hearts and we have been obediently following that call, ever since.  Our ministry simply put connects our local Women’s Ministry leaders to each other (to network, share, and encourage each other).  It also connects these ministry leaders to books, resources, and ministries that are relevant to Women’s Ministry in the church.

The greatest joy I have, at each of our quarterly meetings, is the moment I share with these women the gift bags of resources we have gathered for them.  I realize I am just the conveyor of the gift, as our ministry partners are the ones making the donations from their inventory.  However, to know that they are leaving our event with tools IN HAND to help with their ministry work… it literally brings me to tears.  I am humbled that the Lord uses us in such a way.

What I have learned is that I really, really enjoy giving.  I didn’t realize how much, until these last few years.  I love giving to people.  I love giving to ministries.  I would rather give 100 gifts than receive 1 for myself.  I would rather give 100 minutes of the floor, than take 10 minutes for myself.  If I have something that could help you, I’m happy to pass it on to you.  I am never happier than when I can give.

Today, if you are reading this, I would like to give you a gift.  Most of my readers know what they are getting into with my posts.  However, you may have popped by here because you followed the #Write31Days hashtag.  If you have gotten this far… let me just say that I want to give you a gift…

… a gift of love, beyond judgement and condemnation… but sincere, genuine love.

… a gift of forgiveness, because there is nothing to great that can’t be forgiven.

… a gift of hope, even in the darkest time and trials that overwhelm there is hope for something more.

I want to give you the gift of Jesus Christ.  I want you to know God, the way I do.  As someone who loved me so much, that He would send His son to atone for my sins.  Jesus, who allows me to walk free in His gift than be burdened by the chains of guilt and shame.  I have been washed clean, a new creation, a new opportunity to live a life of joy, peace, and love.

It is not a gift of perfection, because we are human.  It’s not a gift of permission to keep on going down the wrong paths, but an invitation to change direction and start a new.  An opportunity to start over again, when you fail.    This is a gift of HOPE that there is more to this life, a gift o PEACE that doesn’t allow the trials to get you down, and a gift of JOY to know that GOOD THINGS are to come.

I pray that you are open to receive it.

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