Careless Words – #Write31Days


I try to be cautious with my words, I sometimes fail.  I do try though.  Especially in social media or public settings where I don’t know my audience well.

I speak gently of those who have had an abortion, because I never know who may be reading my words in the midst of post abortive healing.

I speak gently of those who made a lapsed judgement, because I know that at any given time I could do the same thing.


These seem to be pretty obvious choices, but what about the ones that are not so obvious?

I see a lot of it in the social media realm lately, pertaining to the election and different political platforms.  Some very careless words that cut down the person or people being spoken to.

I can’t believe you fell for that….

Anyone with half a brain….

As a woman, I can’t believe you would….

How can a Christian even….

Anyone who agrees with …. is a disgrace (or disgusting).

Unfriend me if you feel ….  about….

That’s not a man, that’s a …

We use careless words that question the intelligence, common sense, faith, etc.  We are quick to give our opinions without listening, so stubborn in our beliefs we can’t hear the perspective of another.  We stand so firm in our righteousness and rightness that we’ll call others names and discard them as friends.


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