The End of Politics – #Write31Days


I was reading on Facebook, yesterday, a post from a dear friend.  She mentioned how nice it was that the hurricane gave us a break from political posts.  We were too busy keeping each other updated, following the storm, checking in on people, and offering help.

Then she shared that with all of the political posts that had been filling her Facebook page, she missed out on exciting and wonderful news.  That made me think about how I have contributed to that congestion in our social media lives.  How much have I missed out on because I was engaged in an online conversation?  How much REAL life was I missing out on because I was taking up my cause?   And really… how much difference was it making?

So, today I changed my profile pictures back from my political ones.  I’ve decided that I am done with this election season.  No more political posts from me.  I won’t be responding to them either.    People have made up their minds.  What is being shared is all negative, muckraking, and causing too much hurt between friends.   It is not wonderful, noble, kind, good, godly, etc.

I’m over it.  I only regret that didn’t come sooner.

So good by politicking of 2016… you’ll see me again on election day.

No, I’m not taking down my yard signs.  Ha.  That’s just crazy talk.

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