Project Update – #Write31Days


A few days back, I wrote about the adult coloring book I purchased at Publix.  I decided my first project would be this palm tree. 

I first began the project by putting the coloring page under a sheet protector.  I built the trunk, the coconuts, and a few of the fronds on top of the actual page.  As if I were tracing it.  This wasn’t too hard, but once I got the hang of what I was doing…. I went rogue.

Truth be told, I received a few new tools in the mail and I was eager to give them a try.   My final tree is not much like the coloring page, but that is ok.  I really wanted to use them for inspiration anyway.  Plus, once I deviated… I felt a little more freedom.  I added two additional coconuts to the top, giving it some height and dimension.  I also added the coconut at the base.

Now, I think I would like to work on taking this and creating an actual beach scene around it.   Some water in the background, beach in the foreground.  Perhaps a sun in the sky, and even some small items on the shore.  We’ll see.

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