For and Against – #Write31Days


Occasionally, on a myriad of topics, I will notice people have a lot to say about what bothers them.  There are plenty of opinions on what is not right about a situation, how not to treat people, and in the case of the election we certainly know why our friends dislike (even hate) certain candidates.  We know what you are against, because you talk about it all the time.  In real life.  On social media. We get it.

But, how often do we see people writing or commenting on what they are FOR?

I have really, really, REALLY tried in this election not to get on a tangent that focuses on the negatives of the candidates I am not voting for.  Truth be told, my mind was made up in 2012 that if my candidate ran again … my vote was locked.  It would have taken a miracle candidate to change my mind. I have many reasons for this vote too, that look long past 2016 and the next four years of presidency.

I have made an effort to only post things about my candidate that explain my vote.  This doesn’t mean I won’t acknowledge an area about my candidate that others criticize.  I’ve also been quick to put people on check if they are sharing misinformation about a candidate (even the ones I am not voting for).   In my attempt to only post about my own candidates positive attributes and how they could contribute to the role of POTUS… that means I have chosen to avoid muckraking of the other candidates.   With the exception of a few specific issues which where so abhorrent I couldn’t NOT say something, I just didn’t speak much about the other candidates at all.

Adhering to the old adage of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”.  I don’t want to convince you my candidate is the right choice by only speaking of all the ways your candidate is a terrible option.  What does that prove?  I’m human, and I have slipped now and again, but over all I have made a good effort to nip the negativity in the bud.

However, each day I watch my Republican friends slamming not only the democrat candidate but also our mutual friends who are voting for her.   Saying hurtful things, questioning their intelligence, and sometimes being downright rude.  I’ve seen the same thing from my Democrat friends, slamming the republican candidate  in the same manner.  On Monday, it struck me…

As much as I have heard these friends speak against the other candidate, I can’t really recall any times they were sharing social media posts or speaking positively about their candidate … unless they were challenged to do so by someone.  Those positive side arguments are far and few between.

What if we spent more time explaining what we are FOR and less time arguing about what we are AGAINST?

Not just in the election, but beyond.

I want to know what you are passionate FOR, not against.  What if we could change the direction of the argument?


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