Read twice, Reply once. Maybe. – #Write31Days


I am not a morning person.  Honestly, my brain can’t even engage in intelligent thought for a good two hours after I wake up.  To a certain degree, I’ve always been this way. But, when coupled with the brain fog of Hashimotos, it’s even a bigger issue.

About a year ago, I woke up… meandered around the house. Checked my email.  There was a notification that someone tweeted a response to an article I posted the previous day.  It was a question.  I quickly read it, answered it, and then in a matter of minutes… chaos.

The man had written the question in such a way that it was easy to misunderstand.  He was setting me up.  In my haste to answer, I fueled his fire.  I ended up at the receiving end of an onslaught of attack after attack.  As much as I can cast blame on the man for his purposeful attempt to discredit me and attack my character… I have culpability here.

I know that I shouldn’t answer questions like that so early in the morning.  I know that it takes time for my mind to engage.  I also know that it is important to really think about your responses before you put them out there.  I know that I should have reread the question, then replied… if at all.

I should have discerned what he was up to. If I had waited until I was fully awake, I would have caught on to his attempt to bait.

When ever we read something for the first time, we are tempted to respond.  I have found, and learned the hard way, that is better to take a step back first.  Re-read the comment, question, or even entire article.  Make sure you fully understand before you comment.

I have also learned that sometimes it is better to NOT comment.  I do not need to respond to every invitation to debate.  I don’t always need to share my two cents.

There is also a lesson in making sure that before you respond, you read the whole article or comment.  I’ve witness people respond to something they read in just the first few paragraphs, and had they read the whole thing they would have had a different opinion.

Be wise.

One last thing, from a life lesson a friend learned the hard way.  When you respost an article, if you do not make any comment with it… you are by default seen as agreeing with it.  That means do NOT repost something with the intention of reading it later. You may be inadvertently telling your circle that you agree with the contents.  You may be spreading false information before you had a chance to verify it.  If you are on FB, you can “save the post” and read it later without posting it to your wall/feed.  If it came via link on other social media, copy the link and email it to yourself.  You could save yourself a LOT of trouble.  My friend almost lost her job over it.


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