I want to, but can’t. – #Write31Days

When I am shopping for items for myself or gifts, I love purchasing gifts that are:

  • locally made, handcrafted… supporting local artisans and stay at home moms.
  • internationally made, handcrafted… supporting women who were rescued from sex trafficking and human trafficking.
  • community made, handcrafted… supporting communities who struggle and helping create influx of income to those communities.
  • fair trade… knowing that the community/country is not being taken advantage of.
  • eco friendly… knowing that I am not damaging the environment with my purchase.

I love to purchase this way, but I can’t always.

Today, something came across my facebook feed that I just fell in love with.  I was I wanted to buy the set for myself, or buy it and portion it out into multiple gifts.  Until I saw the price.  $60 before shipping.

On the one hand, my heart knows the money goes to a good place.

On the other hand, my logical side struggles with paying $60 for something I could make for $3 in supplies.

The artist in me shouts to my frugal side… “you are supporting artisans”.

The steward in me questions… “would you ever pay that much this item if it wasn’t for a good cause?”

I know there are operational costs, and the money that goes to the organization is giving people more than just a paycheck.   At the same time, I am skeptical about how much money actually goes to the people in need.  Is this a scam?

I want to buy that pretty rolled paper necklace, with the seashells.  But, I can’t afford $128.

I want to buy that Christmas decoration, but I can’t afford $60 for a papier-mache knickknack.

I love the peasant skirt and tunic… but I haven’t paid $200 for a single outfit since I was single, living at home, and I am still pretty certain that included shoes, purse, and some accessories.

So, no matter how much I want to buy it… I pass.  I may look around and see what lands in my price range.  Usually these are things I’d never use, or I end up just making a small donation in lieu of something I can’t wear or don’t need.

If anyone is involved with these types of organizations, I’d love to hear from you.  Talk me through the pricing.  If I can understand more about the pricing structure, maybe I’ll be more inclined to buy.  Or, am I just not your target audience?  Are you looking for the person with disposable income?

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