Unanswered hope – #Write31Days


There are days when we walk through life and it seems almost effortless, the same old routines on repeat.  Other days where we seem to stumble over one obstacle after another.  Yet, it takes just one event to pull the rug out from under us and drop us to our knees.

We cry out.

We cry out to the Lord to save us from this crisis.  We pray.  We ask others to pray.  We turn to our own power and strength to get us through, with the hope that the Lord is going to make up the difference.  We work out solutions and ask for miracles at the same time.

Clinging to stories of miracles, we wait with hope.

Time passes, hope fades.  Options seem to disappear, rescue doesn’t appear on the horizon.

Our heart breaks, because hope didn’t show up in the first place.  We couldn’t see it through our despair.

Our hopes seem unanswered, our prayers seem unheard, our God seems so far.

It is in these moments I must remind myself that although my hope and prayers may seem unanswered, my true Hope is ever present.  Hope is more than thoughts that flash through my mind, desires that settle in my heart, or the words I whisper in despair.  Hope is the living God, who is moving mountains when I am looking at the mole hills.  Hope is the Shepherd who tends to His flock, who find rest in their uncertainty because they trust the One who looks over their care.  Hope is the Potter that forms his creation with expert hands and perfect form, while I am caught up worry about the mess on the wheel.

This Hope can’t leave us or be far, because He dwells in our hearts.  We invited him there, he knocked and we opened the door.  We sit as His feet.  When Hope feels far, it’s because we are too caught up in our circumstances and human fleshyness that we can’t see Him.

He is there.  His Word promises that.  His Word never fails.


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