October = #Write31Days


It is October and that means it is time for #Write31Days !

Expect a new post every single day, some will be long and others short.  There may be a poem, a prayer, a thought, or observation… what you can count on are words from my heart!  Also, because I’m writing every day… be prepared for typos.  I won’t be spending as much time editing posts, but just letting them fly.


This past week, I was listening to the radio and one of the djs (do we even call them that anymore?) was picking on Pumpkin Spice.  He was equating it to a fad and didn’t understand why people went gaga for it.  He lamented over all of the “pumpkin spice” scented and flavored things.

I’ll be honest, Pumpkin Spice excites me.  Not because of the flavor, but because of what it means.  It is the signal of fall.

When I was a kid, I always knew we were heading into fall because my grandmother would buy one of those cinnamon scented brooms made from branches and twigs.  Occasionally I can still find them in a local grocery store, but that smell has been replaced by Pumpkin Spice.  Oddly enough, it still satisfied my nostalgia and reminds me of my grandmother.  While scented brooms may be harder to come by, there isn’t a single store that I can’t find a hint of fall (and grandma).

I live in a state where we don’t get physical signs of changing seasons.  We are keyed into these times of year by the products that suddenly become available.  Fall is announced by Pumpkin Spice and stores selling Halloween decorations.  Winter shows up when the stores start playing Christmas music, Christmas Tree lots appear in empty lots, and we come up with any excuse to wear our knee high boots and our favorite sweater that has been hidden deep in the closet.  Spring brings rain. Summer brings sun, heat, humidity. UGH.

BUT FALL….  brings along with it our first reprieve from the summer sun.  It signals Thanksgiving Day and Christmas with the family are not too far away.  For my family, we have a special New Years Eve tradition… and fall signals that is on the horizon too.

Bring on the Pumpkin Spice… let it fill up my nostrils, soak into my lungs, and bring my mind to that place where I image multicolored leaves falling to the ground, a crisp bite to the air, warm soup, hot coffee, space heaters, classic movies.  It ushers in my favorite time of the year…

And when the spice scent begins to fade, I know it’s time to pack up the decorations, put away the tree, and head into a new year.

Let us hold on to that sweet spicy fragrance, and warmth in our bellies.  2016 will be over soon enough, I want to linger in a cloud of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg just a little longer.

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