More of the Same, But Different

I received this copy of More by Todd Wilson for the purpose of reviewing the book on this blog.  While this copy was gifted to me for the purpose of the review, my review is in no way influenced by the author or publisher.  These are my own thoughts and opinions.


A common theme I have been catching in many different titles that I have been reading or considering is discontentment.  I don’t believe this is accidental but instead a response to a very common complaint.  What stay at home mom hasn’t found herself complaining about wanting more out of life than cleaning up cheerios and dirty bottoms?  Who hasn’t heard their spouse complain about his or her career, lamenting there must be more to life than their daily grind.  How many of us can honestly say that we haven’t whined now and again about what the Jones’ have and we are still struggling to get a quarter of.  Why are so many people tired of feeling unnoticed and unappreciated in their homes, churches, work places, and communities.  It is a struggle.  Discontentment is a seed that can be found in the healthiest of gardens and the broadest patch of weeds.

What Wilson’s book “More” offers us is nothing new in regard to content.  It is a reminder that our purpose is a small part in a larger story, God’s story.  Encouraging us to find our identity and purpose in our Creator and in His plan.  Exploring our gifts and understanding how we use our gifts to determine our purpose, and fulfilling that purpose either in the place the Lord has planted us… or in the one He is calling us to go toward.   This is a book that deals with the discontentment when we feel our lives are not fulfilled or being lived out their fullest by coupling it with our identity in Christ.  Proposing that once we know to whom we belong, understand the gifts He has given us to use, and surrendering to using them for His purposes… then we can find the contentment we seek.

So, in many ways the book “More” is really just that… more of the same. Scriptural truths about who we are, why we were created, and the directives of the Great Commission.  Yet, as much as this is more of the same in regard to topic and even content… it is in the delivery we see the difference.   First and foremost, this is a book for the visual and auditory learner.  Not only is it well written, and to the point, but it has a variety of visual images to back up the written word.  If you are a visual learner, this book is going to speak to you in ways many of the others don’t.  I am a fan of the pictures, charts, and graphs because not only do they help me retain information… they are things I can share with others too.

You will not get any content that is earth shatteringly new, but what you will receive is the same information in a new way.  A way which may be more in tune with your learning style, or if you are a teacher/mentor you may find it a great tool as you work with varying people who learn in different ways.  Great book to have in your library.


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