Conference, oh Conference, where for art thou?

I am back from my conference trip, and as usual… after a bit of decompressing and note reviewing… posts are coming in the future.  It was an effort to get there.  There was a lesson to be learned.  Okay, a few.  But I knew something big was coming because of how hard the enemy was working to keep me from getting there.  There were moments where the thought of going home crossed my mind.

This was me when I found out my flight was going to be delayed FIVE hours.  I had already been in the airport over two hours, and it took me an hour of drive time to get there.  Tired, but I was presentable.


The second photo, below, is a comparison of me at the 2 hour mark and then somewhere around the 11 hour mark.  Still waiting for a plane.

The struggle IS real.  Physically, emotionally.  I was tired.  Bored.  Whining.   It would still be several hours before I left the airport.  I was supposed to land in Indiana at 1:40pm, it was 11:59pm when my plan landed.  I guess I don’t age well, ha.


The beauty in the chaos?

The childhood friend who happened to be 20 minutes from the airport & showed up for a rescue mission.  Able to spend a little time catching up and giggling over the whole nonsense of it all.

Childhood friend’s husband giving me great restaurant recommendations for whenever it was I finally got to Indianapolis.

The one ticket agent who had compassion for me and did everything she could to get me on another flight.

Airports that have lots of outlets for charging your phone so that you can post funny updates, and take the world on the journey with you.  We do not struggle alone.

Arriving to an airport, getting into a taxi with a strange guy at 1am and seeing a cross on his mirror and a bible in the front seat.  Peace beyond understanding.

Talking with a chatty driver for the length of the drive who shared the realities of being a cab driver in certain area in downtown Indianapolis.

The honor of praying over him before heading into my hotel for the few hours of sleep I would get.  What a great way to end a troubling day, when you learn your troubles are nothing compared to those of others…. and being able to pray for protection over him and provision for his family. At 1:30am, on the streets of downtown Indianapolis.

Arriving to my hotel to find a friend I haven’t seen in 5 years open the door, hug me, laugh with me, and praise God with me.

I know I’ve whined a bit about this leg of my trip on social media, but Thank GOD that was not the sum total of it.  Everything can be redeemed to His glory.


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