Christian Libertarians? Say whaaaat?

I promise, this will be my only political post on the blog. 


I am the type of person who likes to tackle tough subjects head on.  If you follow me on Social Media, you probably know that I am a supporter of the Libertarian Party.  That is where my vote will fall this coming election. As it has, every election, since the day I was first allowed to vote.  So, no… I am not a R/D turned Libertarian because I don’t like my options this election.  I’m also not surprised by the number of people who are R/D who are taking a look at this party option.  What I do know is that as a Christian the fact that I stand with such a party causes some confusion and criticism.  This is what is leading me to write this post today.

First, I think we need to address the elephant and donkey in the room.  I don’t know a single Christian who totally, one hundred percent, and unequivocally supports everything their party or candidate stands for.    Who here has not heard the age old argument of voting for the “lesser of two evils”?  If this truth applies to the R/D Christians, in all fairness it should apply to the Libertarian Christians too.  So no, I do not personally support everything that the Libertarian party or candidates believe either.

Second, I think we need to address the history of this party.  The Libertarian party is not a new fringe party.  I’ve been voting for over 20 years as a registered Libertarian.  The party has been in existence since 1971, and many Libertarians are already holding official government offices.  Our candidates and officials tend to be fiscally conservative, socially liberally, and over all take a stand that the government is too big and on most issues needs to mind it’s own business.  The party stands on a smaller government that does not infringe on the freedoms of the people.

This brings me to the third point, the Libertarian party protects the freedoms of the people. Let us recall that the very reason we are in the United States today sprang from the desire to have a freedom of religion.  We didn’t want to be told what religion we had to be, or how we should practice.  Sure, when this country was establishing a “freedom of religion” those architects never anticipated that would also include a freedom FROM religion.  However our constitution protects the right of all people to believe or not to believe.  I personally do not believe in forcing my religious beliefs on others.  I want them to share my beliefs, I want the freedom to share my beliefs, but if it is a forced belief… is it an authentic belief?   No. Additionally, if I want my freedom to believe, practice, and share my faith… then I need to defend that same freedom constitutionally granted to other faiths and even non-faith citizens.  I would be my hope that mutual respect would occur, and they too would defend my right to believe, practice, and share.  Some do.  However, the Bible tells me that’s an uphill battle anyway.

Fourth, the Libertarian party is made of people who unilaterally agree that the R & D parties are not the right fit for them.  They do not belong to either one, because neither one fully represents their views.  Whereas the Libertarian party does, and is comprised of candidates that may vary on how socially liberal they are… and how fiscally conservative they are.  Which is why we don’t just toss one name in to the ring.  We actually have a convention, we have people who are competing for the nomination just like the other parties do.

What separates the Libertarian party from other parties?  That’s the fifth point.  Not only have we been around a long time, we also have a good number of people already serving.  Our POTUS Candidate has a fantastic track record as Governor, business man, etc.  Who not only says he can do things (like cutting wasteful government spending) but has actually done it.  We are actually on EVERY state ballot, which means that unlike what you have been told… a third party CAN win the election.  (Not to mention that polls indicate that 57-60% of Americans are not happy with our R/D candidates, and that means if that 57-60% voted Libertarian it would be a landslide victory).

So, as a Christian who respects the freedoms that our Constitution guarantees all citizens (not just ones who look and sound like me), the Libertarian Party is the right fit for me.

You may be a die hard Republican, and a loyal Democrat… and that’s ok.  But, if you are sitting in a place of uncertainty… unhappy with your current options… or simply think it is time for a change from the status quo…

There is another option…. even if you are a Christian.


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