Coloring Books! Scripture! I’m in!!!


I was really excited when this coloring book set arrived from B&H Publishing for me to review.  Who doesn’t want to “review” a coloring book!!!!  So, I cracked open the first book and began coloring away.  The pages are super smooth, but they are not pure white.  If you want to have a brilliant white in your finished piece, you’ll want to use a white crayon, pencil, gel stick, or gel pen.  Other than that, I was really impressed with how smoothly my colored pencils glided on the page, which made controlling how dark or light the color went on much easier.  Even though the books are smaller than most coloring books, the details were not so fine that I couldn’t saturate the spaces.  Their size makes them super convenient for travel too.  In fact, I’m heading to a conference in a few weeks and I’ll be packing these for my plane ride.


Some pages are images to color, others include scripture references (like the photo above), and there are also some that have prompts where you can journal your thoughts.  Almost every page has some white space that you can add your own personal thoughts to, albeit some have greater space than others.


There are pages that contain single images, as well as some where it is one image that bridge across the page.  If you want to pull these pages out for framing, there is no perforation and the spine doesn’t open totally flat.  Therefore, it can be difficult to get into the very center.  If you intend to frame the images, then you may want to use a paper cutter to slice through the spine.  This will allow you to color all the way to the inside edge.


After I walked through some of the pages in the first book of the SET… yes loves, it is a SET.  I realized that the second book is full of empty pages!!!!  Be still my heART!   Maybe you are not really artsy, the first book can be great inspiration to help you dive into the second book.  Perhaps you want to use the second book to record your thoughts as you work through the first book.  Or, let it be a blank canvas for releasing your own designs and thoughts.  I decided I wanted to use it as a prayer journal.  The pages are super thick, which allowed me to use a nice bold black marker without it bleeding through the page.

This set is a perfect “thinking of you” gift, hostess gift, birthday gift, stocking stuffer… or a “sorry your bored in the hospital here is something to do” gift.

Most places offer this book for under $12!

Definitely a set I would recommend, whether you consider yourself creative or not.

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