Whatever Is Lovely (Coloring Book)


I am a fairly artistic person.  I’ve been in the market for a coloring book that I could use high quality pigment markers on, with the intention of framing for adding to my home decor.  I do most of my shopping online, and I grabbed a different coloring book.  The problem I had with it, the coloring pages were on both sides and some of them bridged pages.  This left me having to pick and choose which ones I wanted to color (due to ink bleeding through, or liking the image on both sides).

Whatever is Lovely is not only a great book with beautiful designs, all of the images are on the front side of the page only.  This means I don’t have to choose between images to color, particularly when using pigment markers.  However, if you decide to keep them in the book, the backs are not entirely blank.  They include scriptures, quotes, and poems related to the image on the front side.

The only downfall (for me) is that the pages are bound into the book, which means you must TEAR them out.  I would have loved the book to have micro-perforations on the pages to allow for easy & clean removal from the book.

Otherwise, this is a top notch book.  It contains a mixture of bold designs, and more intricate details.  The images vary, which means if you are looking for something to frame & hang in your home, you’ll find something that will fit your decor that you can customize with color.  As well, it would give you an endless selection of possible gifts for others.

Well done!

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