#Write31Days – Post 21 – Why I Believe

While I really wanted to write whole pieces during this challenge, I came across something too good to not share.

I have a good number of friends who are very academic, cerebral types.  They have a hard time coming to terms with “faith” of any sort.  They can understand the appeal of it to the masses, but they can’t comprehend how anyone who is like themselves (academic/cerebral) could adopt a faith system.  For the most part, I think it is the essence of faith they have trouble with.  They see things in finite, concrete terms.  Whereas faith is abstract.  They find it easy to believe the seen, but anything that is an unseen force is something that just hasn’t been identified yet.  They believe there is a logical, scientific, academic, and medical reason behind anything an everything.

Therefore, I am an enigma to many of them.  They consider me a peer, but do not understand how I can ascribe to Christianity.

This is why it is important for believers to not just believe, but to be able to understand WHY they believe and have the ability to communicate to others that reasoning.

The following link is not an in depth, academic explanation of belief.  But is is a great starting point for understanding that having “faith” isn’t as abstract as one things.  We believe because there are things that are beyond explanation.  We believe because despite all of the knowledge and understanding that we have gained, there are things that we don’t understand.  We believe because there are just some things that mathematics and science can’t make sense of, things that “chance”, “coincidence”, and “chaos theory” can’t explain.

Simple things like the fact that scientists, physicists, mathematicians, and engineers still can’t explain why the bumble bee can fly.    What is really funny?  They hate that they can’t answer the question, and have begun to respond to it in the same way as politicians during a debate.  They spin it in a way that makes you think you are ridiculous for even posing the questions.

Anyway, this piece from The Gospel Coalition is a great starting point to build your argument for WHY you believe.  In the coming months I plan to work out a series of blog posts that will go into more depth and cover a broader scope.   To do that series justice, I need to be able to work on it outside of the confines of a daily challenge.


Notecard Answers for Why I Believe the Bible.    Contributor:  Erik Raymond

Click the PHOTO or HERE to read the complete article.



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