Thunderclap to Support Bringing Home Pastor Saeed – Persecuted in Iranian Prison

Many have been following what has happened with Pastor Saeed, and his imprisonment in an Iranian Prison.

Arrested 3 years ago, Pastor Saeed was leading religious teachings in private Christian homes.  His terms for release?  Recant and convert to Islam.

President Obama stated directly to Pastor Saeed’s wife that bringing home Pastor Saeed, was a top priority.  Yet, he still sits in his cell.  The prison guards are becoming increasingly hostile and aggressive.

Please join the thunderclap, by clicking the image below.  By joining, you give ONE time permission for Thunderclap to send a message to your approved social media accounts.  The point is to make this go viral, trend and get more widespread attention.

I have participated in Thunderclaps before and can assure you there was no spam, no unsolicited emails, or any other unwanted actions.  Just a one time send to your accounts, that is it.

In order for the Thunderclap to execute, we MUST have 100 agreed participants.  We are at 39 at the time of this posting, and with those 39 people we will reach 0ver 90,000 more people to bring light to this situation.  How many more can we reach if YOU join us in this campaign.

Click this image, and follow the instructions.  It is that simple.




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