BOOK REVIEW: Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet (Sara Hagerty)


I was given an awesome opportunity through Family Christian to review the book Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet by Sara Hagerty.  I can’t wait to share with you, my readers, how this book has touched me.

In Regards to the Author: Sara Hagerty

When it comes to books of this nature, where personal story is coupled with spiritual truths, I really long for books that make me feel as if I am sitting down with a new friend.  Or, that this person has been invited to a small group or women’s brunch to speak directly to a few of us.  It is an more intimate encounter than at a large conference.  Sara Hagerty fits that bill.  From the first words, she gives the reader a sense of safety, comfort and familiarity.  Sara manages to get right to the point in an honest way.  It isn’t coarse or bold, but she doesn’t beat around the bush.  She doesn’t start with a story that belong to someone else, but her own personal journey.  She is open, honest, vulnerable and real.  The words she uses, are the ones that roll through our own thoughts and prayer journals, our conversations with friends, or when we are having words with God. 

In Regards to the Book:  Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

Life is full of bitter things, experiences that leave a bitter taste in our mouth… or that shape our personalities from loving and warm to bitter and cold.  We live in a fallen world, and just because we are Christians, it doesn’t mean we are exempt from the troubles of this world.  We will experience disappointment, we will experience shame and guilt, we make mistakes, we will experience hurt, and we will get mad at God when we don’t understand WHY this happens to us.

Sara Hagerty shares with us her personal story of how she experienced the questions, disappointments, and challenges of life…. and through the bitterness, she was able to find the sweet. Amongst the difficulties life threw at her, there were moments of hope, joy, love, miracles, and healing.



Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, by Sarah Hagerty

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