I’d love to claim this is some great blog article, well thought out and written with perfection.  However, it isn’t.  In fact, it’s more just a thought that has been brewing.  I’m fleshing it out here, so bare with me and my train of thought.

I keep camping on this notion that as Christians, we simply, can’t win when it comes to how we are viewed by the general world.

If we adhere to our convictions, if we following God’s commands and statutes, if we accept and preach His word as infallible truth… we are labeled a lot of things.

Intolerant.  Judgmental.  Narrow Minded.  Naive.  Ignorant.  Discriminatory.  Foolish.

But, on the other hand, if we bend or disavow ourselves to any portion of our beliefs, we are hypocrites.

Scripture tells us that we are not to be of this world, but in it.  We need to be present with others, who do not share our beliefs, in order to show them Jesus.  Yet, it is our differences from the rest of the world, that causes them to withdraw from us.

We can’t win.

And we never will.

We couldn’t win in the Old Testament days, and overcome our own sins and shortcomings.

We couldn’t win in the New Testament, when 3 times the rooster crowed & Jesus was denied.

We can’t win today, in Church Age, when we are too busy arguing amongst each other about what is “right”.

And, we don’t have to win.

The victory isn’t ours.  It’s God.

The battle is already won.

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