Do you ever feel unseen?

As if you could enter a room, and no one would even notice you walked in.  It’s not that they don’t care, but that they literally don’t see you.

And, you can leave… and no one misses you, because your absence wasn’t even noticed.

Do you ever feel forgotten?

When you see your friends have gotten together, and no one even bothered to invite you.

Or, another birthday comes along … no card or even a happy birthday from your family.

Do you ever feel silenced?

When someone suggests the same idea you did earlier, and everyone tells them how great an idea it is.

Powerless when you know someone isn’t getting the full story, but you can’t tell them those details.

Do you ever feel overlooked?

When you have the exact gift to help in a project, and no one even thinks to ask you.

When you have been waiting patiently at a meeting to speak, only to have your raised hand passed on by.

Do you ever feel dismissed….?

Do you ever feel misunderstood….?

Do you ever feel broken…. alone…. tarnished…. misrepresented…. displaced…. wounded….?

Do you ever feel as if no one has confidence in you or your abilities?

I’d almost guarantee that most of you reading those lines were shaking your head, over and over again.

You have felt at least one of these ways, now or in the past.

Most likely, you’ll experience it again in the future.

But, there is great news…. what we can’t always see or feel in these moments where we ache, is that GOD is with us.

God sees us.

God hears us.

God hurts for us.

God loves us.

God provides for us.

God understands us.

God grieves for us, and with us.

God is binding us., and healing us.

God is moving us, shaking us, forging us, refining us, building us and preparing us.

God has confidence in us, because God made us.  He will equip us, Himself, to do everything He puts as our task.

God cleansed us, and renews us.

God knows us, better than we know our selves.

When you ache, God aches.  For you are His, a child adopted into His family, whom He loves.

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