Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2014- Last Installment.


It’s here, the final installment of The Gospel Coalition 2014 Women’s Conference notes!  And here is the best part…. YOU get to be apart of all the wonderful workshops!

When you register for the conference, you actually have to PICK a handful of workshop/breakaway sessions to participate in.  It is really all that the time allows for.  The exciting thing is that the folks at TGC don’t want you to miss out, so they record a good number of the workshops.  They mostly audio recordings, but a few are video too.  All of the workshops I took are there, so instead of reading my notes… YOU CAN TAKE YOUR OWN!

Swing on over to TGC’s Resources by clicking here:  Conference Media

You will find the videos from the pre-conference, all of the Nehemiah sessions and pages of workshops.

Thank you to the folks at The Gospel Coalition for an amazing conference.  Truly touched and changed by it, God bless the work you are doing and thank you for the time you poured out onto everyone who attended!

PS:  I HIGHLY recommend the workshops Bible Tool Kit 1:  Creation to New Creation and Bible Tool Kit 2:  Rightly Handling the Word of Truth.

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