TGC Women’s Conference – Part 2 (Pre-Conference, Male & Female- He Created Them)


Last post was about The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference, Pre-Conference “Make & Female, He Created Them”.

This first portion recaps some of the highlights of the two speaker panels.  The Pre-Conference concluded with Don Carson and was focused on the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1 & 2.

Here are the highlights I took away from this session:

There were two creation accounts in Gen 1 & 2.

1st – God Created Earth

2nd – God Created People

The first creation story establishes that God existed before the creation of the Earth, he self-exists.  He created everything in this story by speaking it into existence.

The second creation story establishes a more intimate creation.  God didn’t speak man into existence, but formed him & formed woman from him.  This was a process, interactive, involved.

Scripture indicates that God is different than his creation.  Gen 1 is like the “google earth view”, global scale view.  Gen 2 is the “google street view”, an intimate perspective.

Scripture tells us that God was detailed oriented, he cared so much about us that each of us is known by name, down to the number of hairs on our head.

Gen 1 establishes that God made man in his image, but they are not diety.   “Male and female, God made them”.  Not us.  Them.

Gen 2 gets into the specifics that man was made first, but needed woman and thus woman was made from man.

Additionally a hierarchy was established of man naming and ruling over the animals in creation.  Man is not diety, but it is more than just an animal.  There is a difference.

Made in God’s image = look, capacity of thought, creative, authority, interactive.  The human being has value outside of marriage.  But we are also relational, relational to God, to our spouse, to our family, to our church family.

Man & Woman has a purpose from God, within their family and within their church.  We all have a role to play, gifts and abilities to use.

In the order of the 2nd creation account… we have:

Man 1st created in garden -> rules were established -> man alone was not good -> animals were separate from man/he had dominion over them -> woman made from part of man (not the same as man, a compliment to man).

Before the fall the relationship with God, with spouse was ideal.  Candid.  Open.  No shame.  No anger.  Not hate.  No malice.  No grief.  No pain.  No hurt.

Man and woman were created differently, this was not the union of two identical people, rather 2 complimentary people, 2 halves that complete each other.

The role of man and woman carries from Gen into the New Testament. Eph 5:21 – 33, 1 Cor 11, 1 Tim 2, 1 Cor 14

Husbands are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking, thanking and submitting to God.  leading their home in accordance to God’s direction, standing in authority out of love, self sacrificing for her good so that she is presented increasingly holy.  Husbands should be leading their home with spiritual authority not attitudinal authority or dictatorship.

Submission in marriage is submission to God.  He submits to God, she submits to God through her submission to her husband.

Our relationship with God is mirrored through our earthly marriage.  Both sides much be fully committed to these principles.  If they were it would put an ending to all marriage problems.

Biblical submission is not being a door mat, because our husbands are called to love us as Christ loved the Church, in which ultimately he sacrificed his very life for the church.  So should a husband die to himself for the good of his wife, to present her holy.

Wives are to submit to their husbands in all domains, there is nothing closed off.  You can call yourself a submissive wife if you are holding any area back from your husband’s authority.  If you are making decisions outside of his counsel, or doing things differently when he is not home vs. when he is.  We are submissive even when he is not perfect, when he is not being loveable.  Remember, HE is bearing the burdens for the decisions of the family due to this authority.

People want options whenever possible, and open as long as possible & tend to be not very tolerant of anything or anyone who threatens to end those options.  This is evident in business, travel, culture, etc.  But more options doesn’t always equal freedom, in fact sometimes we can become a slave to those options.  Never able to move forward because we can’t commit.

This is one of the biggest issues men face, always looking for better.  It’s why they can’t commit to marriage.  Or why they volley back and forth on big financial decisions, or wait until the last minute to decide.  In the end, if you get caught in the slavery of options, you will end up with nothing and no one.

One of the greatest issues women have faced is that through feminism they were given more options, and it is harder and harder as times passes for women to give back that control.  They want to have say and they want to have imput.   However, complementarianism in marriage is NOT about tearing down feminism but building up family.  Finding balance and complementary roles for both husband and wife.  No two houses will look the same, because the needs, calling, gifts/talents of each house will vary.   And because your husband loves you, as Christ loved the church, he will see you of the same value… worth dying for.  You will still have a voice, an opinion, be wise counsel to him.  In the end, he simply carries the accountability for the family through his decisions.

The next installment, will be the main conference, breaking down the book of Nehemiah.


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